With Jesus Chirst as the head of the Church, the Journey at Mayfair Community Church is governed by a Board of elected Partners In Community (Members) called the Consistory, and is comprised of three Elders, three Deacons, and a seventh member - our lead Pastor as Chairman of the Board.  We also have a church staff who lead ministry and small group leaders who help build the foundation of our community.

The Church Board:

  • Tim Vanderbaan - Lead Pastor & Chairman
  • Melissa Bass - Elder
  • Kathryn Centanni- Elder
  • Butch Shramek - Elder
  • Doug Donaldson - Deacon
  • Jorge Ortega - Deacon
  • Kailey VanderBaan - Deacon

The Church Staff:

  • Yolette Brice - Children & Youth, Awakening Worship
  • Kathryn Centanni - Outreach & Events
  • Steve Davis Resource & Equipping
  • Janis Price - Curriculim & Training, Awakening Team Coordinator
  • Butch Shramek - Associate Pastor
  • Kailey VanderBaan - Connect Team Coordinator
  • Debbie VanderBaan - Connect Worship
  • Tim VanderBaan - Lead Pastor